Who We Are

masernet is a German startup in the regions of OstWestfalen-Lippe and Weser. Our belief is that every company that has a digital footprint should consider securing its digital assets and more important, its people. While this may be cumbersome and difficult to implement, our vision is to support companies automatically identify what are their real IT security needs and get support on resolving them in minutes instead of months currently.

Who We Are
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masernet Mission

Our Mission

Make companies understand and manage their IT security risks while rapidly and efficiently identify the matching solutions to their needs.

masernet Vision

Our Vision

Live in a world where cybersecurity is not a difficult topic but a simple company task.


Our Approach to Security & Prevention

Security done right starts from the identification of needs. This might be a competitive advantage, a compliance or legal constraint, an operational need, a customer requirement, or something else. This is why we put your assets, the threat landscape specific to your business, and your digital strategy at the core of our services. Moreover, although we offer only a selected number of services, we cover together with our partners the entire security framework.

Security & Prevention