and Advisory

Are you unsure what you need to do in order to strengthen your IT security posture? Do you want to create more awareness in your organization or do you want to review what has been already implemented? Get a professional opinion on ways you should proceed when it comes to your IT-security.

Security architecture

Your organisation changes every day by bringing in new assets, integrating new data flows, and enrolling new people. We help you set and adjust an IT-security architecture where all elements, whether they are internal or external to your company are taken in consideration.

Security Procurement Advisory

We can fully understand if it is unclear to you what you need to buy to be a more secure company. We track more than 800 companies in cybersecurity area covering 18 domain and the worldwide market. Let us know if yow want to find what which one is best fitting to your legacy while responding to your real needs.

SAP security

If SAP is a critical element in your organization, then you should make sure these systems and processes are well secured. Our experienced team of SAP consultants help you implement the measures to make your SAP infrastructure a secure one.