Turn cybersecurity risk into opportunity

Pure avoidance of IT risks is not an option. So why not convert them in opportunities by minimising investments while strengthening your company?

IT Risk Assessment and Management

quantify your IT-risks and keep track of them

Incident Response

respond quickly to ongoing attacks and avoid long-term intrusions

Natural Language Processing

understand better your text data corpus and automate around it

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

discover, prioritize, and effectively remediate potential cybersecurity threats

Audit and Compliance

be compliant with IT security regulations all over the world

Software Development

develop the applications you need to enhance your digital footprint

Security Operations and Threat Management

keep a permanent eye on security breaches you may suffer

Consultancy and Advisory

get support to strengthen your IT security at every moment


Security Services and Solutions

masernet is providing IT security services and solutions in Germany. Our team and partners deliver high quality security risk management, security architecture, as well as in identification, prevention, detection, and response.

Our Mission

Strenghten your IT security posture

Make companies understand and manage their IT security risks while rapidly and efficiently identify the matching solutions to their needs


Automation to transform security risks into opportunities

masernet is bringing soon a new tool into the market which will help you out quantify your IT risks. Once you know your risks and your appetite for them, our tool helps you identify in seconds what are the matching market solutions for your legacy infrastructure. This way your company will avoid over-investment while minimising rest risk.


Proactively eliminate vulnerabilities

We simulate cyber attacks, attempting to uncover and safely exploit your company’s system vulnerabilities. Once found, we work with you to proactively remote these vulnerabilities and strengthen your security.