Incident Response

Recover fast from cyber attacks while keeping reputation impact and damage to a minimum.

Incident Response
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Our Computer Security Incident Response Team

Once an attack was successful, you certainly need support. Response activities are needed for unauthorized access to infrastructure assets or data, unwanted disruption or denial of service attacks, malware infections, malicious changes to infrastructure, and many more.

Computer forensics

It analyses preserved digital evidence, investigates the chain of custody, assesses hash values, performs drive imaging, and helps you in recovering lost data

Network forensics

It helps you analyse and understand your network traffic, perform deeper looks into the firewall logs, and antivirus/antimalware logs, and looks into the domain controller

Malware forensics

Once a malware has made its effect, a static or dynamic malware analysis should be performed, memory forensics activities should be performed, determine legitimate and illegitimate functionality on the infected asset, and look for Advanced Persistent Threats

Incident Response

How it works

The key stages of this task performed by our experienced professionals are the log data collection, patterns identification the compromised network communications, analysis of suspicious and malicious files and processes, determine the methods cyber criminals used to gain unauthorized access, and confirm the economic value of the stolen or affected assets.