Penetration Testing

Simulated cyber attacks have the role to uncover and safely exploit your company’s system vulnerabilities. We do so without compromising the availability of the systems and confidentiality of information so businesses can continue to operate as usual. Discover, prioritize, and effectively remediate your existing cybersecurity weaknesses.

Network Perimeter Penetration Testing

It focuses on discovering what information an attacker can get if they successfully breach your network perimeter. It also exposes insider threats, such as disgruntled employees, suppliers or customers that a malicious hacker may target.

Application Penetration Testing

It includes in-depth code review to identify security issues, and a comprehensive assessment to discover which weaknesses attackers might leverage to gain unauthorized access or to cause critical data to be exposed.

IoT Penetration Testing

Closely examine and probe embedded devices and IoT devices spread throughout your organization or that you may produce and sell on the market. We assess the embedded firmware, control the devices and modify data sent from these devices.

Other Penetration Testing Services

We perform also wireless penetration testing, DDoS Testing, mobile penetration testing, and many other custom designed security tests tailored for the specific needs of your company.