Human language is the key element in everyday communication. With our machine learning services, we help you understand your language based data and implement for you latest technologies to perform exploratory data analysis, categorize your information assets, create custom chatbots or perform sentiment analysis.

Data Acquisition

Unstructured data related to your company and the market where you are may exist everywhere, either inside your organisation or outside of it. We help you identify it, gather it, and extract it in a clean way so that it can be mined for your needs.

Text Categorization

We segregate your data for better organization, searchability, and classification. This way, you can automatize your processes, find easier how this is clustered, manage your information, and strongly speed-up the gathering of information insights.

Knowledge Graphs

With the help of knowledge graphs, we create an information brain for your organization. This is an insight engine to support you in understanding the interconnections between your data entities. It will help you in taking decisions by using a an easy to use question-answering system.