Audit and Compliance

Achieve compliance and meet the highest security standards in your industry.

Audit and Compliance
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Our Audit and Compliance Services

More standard and regulation are imposed into the market every year. Nation states, organizations, or private companies try to create a more secure world by imposing new rules. We help you ensure you have the right tools and processes in place to meet these prerequisites

GDPR compliance

We help your company safely manage and protect the privacy of the data you collect by establishing best practices, anonymizing and securing the data, set up the flow and processes, and train or be your DataProtection Officer


We help you implement regulations such as European NIS directive, the financial PCI-DSS, ISO or BSI Grundschutz. These are regulatory frameworks that must be considered by your organization especially if you are acting in markets such as healthcare, transport, energy, banking, water supply.

Audit and Compliance

How it works

Once you have identified what regulation constraint you must be compliant with, our certified professionals help you perform implement or adjust the business processes of your IT organization so that you respond to the compliance prerequisites that you must accomplish