Solution Recommendation System

masernet will provide you soon a new way to take decisions on security controls you need. Using machine learning in the background, our approach will help you take procurement decisions in seconds instead of weeks or even months currently.

masernet IT-Solutions Recommendation System

With the help of this product you may analyse faster your assets, legacy infrastructure, company IT-risks, and other variables related to your IT, and take a fast decision on what is needed, by whom can be implemented, and how much would it cost.

The Recommendation Engine

masernet Recommendation Engine looks at your identified risks, threats, legacy, and other many criteria you may have, and provides you instantly the matching solution or product

The Solution-Providers

With over 800 companies analysed in IT-security only, you may be sure that there is no security domain that we are missing, while you may have direct access to them in an instant.

The Market-Extensions

Using our market extensions and on the basis of your company identified needs, you may now quickly identify your right IT solution.

How it works

The masernet Recommendation System can be used only directly on our plattform. You can provide all your inputs manually or trigger a solution search directly from the Risk Management component. Once solutions are recommended, you may dig into them, filter out on recommended criteria or on your own criteria. Just speed up your decision process at an exponential scale.