SAP Security with QUANTO-SEC

Do you want to have an easy way to check users for critical activities and authorizations in your SAP system?

Quanto-Sec suite for SAP

QUANTO-SEC bundles several components into a comprehensive security solution for your SAP system. Thus, our suite supports you in optimising existing authorisations in your system or in developing a completely new authorisation concept and minimises your test efforts by over 80%.


(Segregation of Duty)

You do not need complex and expensive applications to analyze your SAP authorization landscape after critical functional segregations. QUANTO-SEC (Segregation of Duty) is the solution for reconciling roles and rights in relation to governance, risk and compliance requirements based on self-developed SoD matrices.


(Trusted Go Live)

QUANTO-SEC/TGL is the solution for efficient test procedures when introducing new authorization roles. Testing new authorization roles on your QAS system keeps the end user from his daily business. QUANTO-SEC/TGL allows you to test the new authorizations directly on your production system without affecting the daily business of the users. To do this, a copy of the existing user (for example, user ID ABC01 including old authorizations) is created and linked to a reference user (for example, REF_ABC01). In the background QUANTO-SEC/TGL documents all possible errors and acts as a fallback user in case of missing authorizations. Missing roles can therefore be better adjusted.


The more complex a system landscape grows, the more time is needed to free this landscape from legacy problems after a new authorization concept has been introduced. We are talking about a stabilization phase in which a mass deletion of old authorization concepts is triggered. In short: QUANTO-SEC/CleanUP is the solution for cleansing roles and authorizations far beyond the SAP standard.