IT Risk Management

masernet is currently creating a new approach to perform IT-Risk Assessment and IT-Risk Decision. Our product will automate the quantification of risks based on assets, threats, and security criteria. Are you intersted for a trial with our beta version?

masernet IT-Risk Management

Our product accelerates the decision process when it comes to which cybersecurity controls should you invest in based on the quantified and qualitative risks that can be automatically calculated

Risk Assessment

Our product performs a quantification of the existing IT-risks based on the company’s assets, existing threats, and your security controls legacy.

Risk Management

Our product allows you to manage the identified risks scenarios and assess new one. They are adjusted regularly based on updates performed on assets and new threats.

Legal Compliance

Our product provides you the possibility to trace your IT-security activities corresponding to different regulation constraints, whether they are laws or standards.

How It Works

The masernet product can be used either on our plattform or in a private cloud. The product can integrate APIs or import assets or threat data from different other plattforms, thus making it easily integrable into your current legacy.